Bethany Meyer

Hi, I’m Bethany!

I’m the creative mind behind our operations. As the artist, I design and create each of our pieces by hand, and make all the big decisions for Wonder & Twine. I am a right-brain creative thinker, and I enjoy living life through art, outdoor adventures, choreographing and dancing. I love helping others to stay motivated and be encouraged! Here at Wonder & Twine we help you make your space uplifting and motivating. I hope you’ll find something you love, and if not, you and I can work together to create something just for you.

Phil Brandvold

Hi, I’m Phillip!
I’m the logical mind behind our operations. As the tech guy, I create and maintain the website, and navigate all technical aspects for Wonder & Twine. I enjoy creating something from nothing, and I enjoy bringing that something to you. I believe this world doesn’t allow much space for creativity, so we are trying to change that! By connecting with you through our website and social media, I hope you find a friend in us, and that Wonder & Twine can encourage you and help you stay motivated!

Why We Started Wonder & Twine

Life can be quite chaotic, pulling you in every direction. Sometimes your schedule can feel like it’s not your own. Your workspace feels like a drab and is lacking inspiration. People take your time for their own. Home feels more like a pit-stop on the way to another day. Any of this sounding all too familiar?

Just being human can be hard some days. We get it!

And while we can’t solve all of the world’s problems, we do desire to help you stay uplifted and motivated amidst the chaos.

Studies show that what you surround yourself with can drastically impact your day to day living. So why not surround yourself with art that encourages, uplifts and motivates you to tackle the day ahead?

Here at Wonder & Twine, we like providing our customers with hand-drawn art that does just that! Art prints that can be placed at your desk, hung on your wall, or placed in a binder/planner. Stickers that can give personality to your water bottle or planner. And, custom drawn pieces to remind you of what you feel you need to hear most.

We hope you’ll find something you like here! We are grateful that you are visiting our little corner of the internet. Feel free to send us an email if you have questions (, or come and say hello over on Instagram (@wonderandtwine), we’d love to meet you!